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How long have you put off owning your own licensed personal care home in the State of Georgia?  Have you been working hard on your current job fulfilling someone else's dream and making them rich, but not going after your own? Stop spinning your wheels and follow your heart's desire to open your personal care home.  Isn't it time?

There is no more time for making excuses.  Start a licensed personal care home, or what some people call an assisted living facility.  It's not too late and there is definitely a need.  In less than 15 years there will be over 73 million Americans over age 65. The demand for personal care homes is increasing and will continue to do so.

So what does this mean for you? It means a 24/7 care home industry that serves the elderly, veterans, and disabled need you in a big way. By 2040 it is projected that there will be 28 million seniors over 80 years of age.  That means, our elderly and those that are aging will need assistance with their daily activities for living; most likely in a 24/7 personal care facility

What does Care Home Industry Training, LLC Offer?
We have an awesome one day personal care home license training called StartSMART that gives you exactly what you need to prepare to get your license as a personal
care home provider in the State of Georgia. But what also makes our company unique is we also offer a one-on-one training in your home, over the phone or even at the library.  

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StartSMART Training Includes:  Personal care home (PCH) license training. Our training gives you exactly what you need to complete the state licensing application form-by-form and line-by-line, attachments required, set up your facility to pass inspection, documents needed at your onsite inspection, and most of all how to prepare for the onsite inspection and pass. Additionally, our training comes with a training binder that has a completed and filled out state licensing application, attachments, table of contents for required binders, list of what goes in staff files, policy and procedure manual and operation forms.     

Our company offers you proven  training results and if you are serious about moving forward and getting your personal care home license from the State of Georgia call of for training at 770.492.2945 today.


Interested in Non-Medical Home Care License Training?

We've partnered with Care Enterprise, LLC that delivers an awesome private home care provider (PHCP) license "training" class that is specific to the rules, regulations and standards for the State of Georgia.  Additionally, they provide group home license consulting in most every state.  Click Here to learn more.

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