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Policy and Procedure Manual

In order to get fully licensed by the State of Georgia you must have a policy and procedure manual.  The policy manual must pass your facility's onsite inspection.  Our PCH policy manual has helped hundreds get licensed as a personal care home provider in Georgia.  

  • Our policy manual includes 15 standard operations forms and our 48 point checklist to set up your licensed care home. Each policy spells out each procedure step-by-step, is bulleted and the content is easy to read and understand.
  • Our personal care home policy and procedure manual ALWAYS pass the state's onsite inspections.
  • Our electronic format empowers you to make future changes and revisions, and you are not held hostage to our company when you want to make changes as needed.
  • Our policy manual will take you about 30-45 minutes to put your own company name, address, phone, fax, email and emergency contact information.  

REMEMBER:  Our policy and procedure making is created specifically to the State of Georgia regulation standards and codes:

Below are some of the 29 categories in our policy manual:

  1. Admissions
  2. Emergencies 
  3. Medication 
  4. Transfers
  5. Facility rules
  6. Quality control 
  7. Incidents
  8. Grievances
  9. Records 
  10. And more...

Call our office today to invest in the policy manual to pass the state licensing application process for the State of Georgia.

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