Consultants to License a Personal Care Home in Georgia

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Training for Personal Care Home Providers in Georgia

If you live in the State of Georgia and have dreamed of owning and operating a licensed personal care home for seniors, the disabled or medically fragile, our license training takes you through the complete state licensing application process step-by-step, form-by-form, and line-by-line.   

PCH License Training Includes:
Our experienced trainers provide hands-on information that breaks down the application process in detail, so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. You do not want to spend your time making needless mistakes with your time, energy and hard-earned money. Get shown how to get licensed right the very first time and eliminate mistakes that can cost you money.   

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Onsite Facilitator-Led Training and Coaching Investment Includes

  1. Overview of how to get approved by the county or city, and detailed information on how to complete your state licensing application forms and attachments page-by-page with completed samples to follow when you are ready to fill out forms for licensing.  
  2. Exact insight and knowledge to set up your facility in order to pass your onsite inspection using our 48 checklist.
  3. Insight on financial management, client fees, marketing, referrals to fill your vacant beds and how to handle daily operations.  
  4. We will also show you the documents the state wants to see at your onsite inspection but doesn't mention in the application rules and regulations. You will get the table of contents that shows you each tab to create, and your policy manual and operation's forms that will be used to create the required binders.

PCH License Training Materials Include Our:

  1. Customized PCH policy and procedure manual - based on state licensing checklist and regulations, sent via email in MS Word format. 
  2. Operations Forms that are needed to successfully operate and run a PCH in Georgia.  Forms will be sent via email in MS Word format.
  3. Facility Checklist using our 48-point detailed checklist with step-by-step instructions to know exactly how to set up your home to pass inspection.
  4. Resident Binder - Provide table of contents to know what goes in sample resident binder for home inspection.
  5. Procedure Binder - Provide table of contents to know what goes in procedure binder for home inspection.
  6. Staff Files - Provide list of documents, so you know exactly what goes in each staff file.  
  7. Pre-Application Submission CallWe allow you to call us for a free 30-minute coaching call before you submit your PCH licensing application to make sure everything is correct.  
  8. Training Certificate: You will receive a 4-hour training certificate with the curriculum at the end of the training class.

Our "StartSMART" training gives you exactly what you need to hit the ground running.  Once licensed and approved by the State of Georgia, you can start making money as a Personal Care Home Provider.  

INVESTMENT: $2,995 per person or $3,495 per couple for the entire training.

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To get started, simply call our office at 678.851.6136. 

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