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Training to License a Personal Care Home in Georgia

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PHCP License "Training" Program for Georgia

Care Home Industry Training, LLC has partnered with Care Enterprise, LLC to offer consulting and training for a private home care provider (PHCP) license for the State of Georgia.  Each state have different home care licensing standards, regulations and steps to getting licensed.  That is why Care Enterprise PowerfulSTART private home care provider license "training" program rules, regulations, requirements and materials for licensing a PHCP are specific and unique to Georgia's standards and codes.  Their PHCP program gives the "exact" steps, information and documents for potential business startups to get licensed more seamlessly and make an impact in clients' lives. 

Care Enterprise program comes with two different policy and procedure manuals depending on which license:  acompanion sitter and personal care and  bnursing services.  Nursing services includes companion sitter, personal care and nursing services.  The plus, you will learn how to get licensed and run your business as a non-medical home care provider from the comforts of your home.  Priceless!    

The PowerfulSTART PHCP "Training" Program INCLUDES:       

      1.   Steps to complete the EIN number, LLC, and criminal background clearance
      2.   Steps to submit application in state's online portal 
      3.   PHCP policy and procedure manual -- Delivered electronically in Microsoft Word -- See Sample
      4.   22+ operations and human resource forms that state requires 
      5.   List of documents that need to go in each staff personnel file 
      6.   Written marketing strategy (to get new clients) that includes a 1.5 hour audio in MP3 format 
      7.   List of national referral (placement) agencies for home care agencies
      8.   44+ page handbook that covers finances, taxes, wages, fees, operations; marketing 
      9.   An 8-hour training certificate as proof of training completion
      10. All program materials and documents are sent via email directly to your inbox - invaluable!
      11. One hour of consulting and unlimited email support for 30 days from date of purchase 

PHCP Program Registration Form:

  • Click Here to download our payment form.
  • Either email the registration form to our office at or call our office at 770-966-5236.
  • Then we will process your credit card payment, or send a paypal invoice for one or two payments.
  • Once payment has cleared, we will email all your program documents directly to your inbox in Microsoft Word; some of the documents in pdf format.
  • After receiving email, you will have what you need to complete the process to get licensed as a PHCP provider in the State of Georgia.

Your Investment:  $3,595

    See If You Qualify for Paypal Credit Where You Can Take Six-Months to Pay Without Interest


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