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5 Reasons to Start a Personal Care Home in Georgia

If you have ever considered starting a personal care home, you should. The care home industry is a billion dollar business with plenty of room for growth.  In less than 15 years there will be more than 73 million Americans over age 65. The demand for personal care homes is increasing and will continue to do so. If you have procrastinated for months or years about opening a licensed personal care home business in Georgia, here are 5 reasons to do so now:
1.  There is a need because people will continue to age and need assistance with their daily activities for living. Many will no longer be able to stay in their own homes. They will need 24/7 care outside of their own, and they or their family member will look for a personal care home to placed their loved one. Why not have them placed in your licensed care facility? 
2.  It’s been your dream for weeks, months, even years to start your own personal care home. Your challenge may be psychological fear. For example, when you know a breakthrough is about to happen in your life fear takes over and blocks you from moving forward. You must realize that all the “what if’s” are only an illusion, and in order for you to realize your dream and goal to own a care home you must push through your mental doubts.  Disbelief is stopping you from getting to the next level and experiencing the success you deserve.
3.  It’s a smart calculated risk because you already have the heart and compassion to help the elderly, disabled and veterans. Chances are you have worked hard in the care industry and you are tired making someone else rich. If you are going to work long and hard hours what do you have to lose if you do it for yourself? Plus, you can do it even better, right?  You just need to know how to get licensed, set up the residential home, run it and know how to get the residents to fill up your beds. 
4.  Be an influencer because of the work you do. You can now be a voice and influence the type of care, compassion and management you provide by owning your own personal care home. You are empowered to have a voice in your local community politically; socially and in the religious communities by partnering with agencies, organizations and businesses.     
5.  Financial independence to build future wealth and start your own legacy is a huge upside in this business. Having a financial vision entails creating a strategic plan to create and accumulate wealth. Will you do that working your job? Most likely that will not be the case. Financial freedom and independence will usually come by owning and operating your own business.
You have a desire and there is a need for responsible honest people to own and operate licensed personal care homes in the State of Georgia. There is no better time to start than right now. 
What has been your greatest challenge and roadblock in getting licensed as a personal care home provider?

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